The Varieties of Rock Climbing

The Varieties of Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a sport wherein the participants go up, go down or crossways on man-made rock walls or natural rock forms. The objective is to arrive at the peak of the rock wall or rock formation. There are rock climbing competitions where the goal is to reach the summit at the fastest achievable time, or to go as far as you can in a complex route. Rock climbing requires the power of the hands to bear the person’s weight, and the power of the feet to sustain the balance. This sport entails physical and mental alertness and assesses the person’s balance, dexterity, stamina and strength in conjunction with mental activeness.

There are varieties of rock climbing that you can try, but remember that whatever type it is, you need to employ appropriate climbing strategies and use the climbing gears for efficient accomplishment of routes. There are many kinds of rock formation in the globe, bringing forth the varieties of rock climbing. It can be performed indoors or outdoors.

The first variety is the common traditional rock climbing. This form of rock climbing employs ropes and harnesses. Climbers scale in pairs and as they climb, they place different kinds of protective pieces like nuts and wedges to the rocks that they will climb into. The rope is fastened to those protective pieces for safety and security in case of a slip or fall.

The second variety is ice climbing. Ice climbing is similar to traditional climbing; the main difference is that the climber is ascending to a glacier or frozen waterfall instead of a rock formation. The climbing gears are hooked on ice other than nuts and wedges.

There are more varieties like sport climbing which is also similar to traditional climbing but the difference is the protective pieces are secured to the rocks permanently; indoor climbing which is similar to sport climbing but the difference is the climbing structures in indoor climbing is created from concrete or wood with artificial hand and foot grips; and free solo climbing which has no harness or rope, which is very dangerous because if you fall, nothing can support you.

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