Ice Climbing; An Adventure?

Ice Climbing; An Adventure?

Feel the excitement, the adrenalin, the adventure as you climb the unpredictable ice figures around you. Ice climbing for more adventure has different skills needed. You need to have knowledge of the equipment and how to use it. Equipment is chosen according to the texture and slope of the ice formation. Special boots with stiff leather or double plastic mountaineering boots are used for serious climbers. There are tools such as an ice axe which is used to chop steps for you. Crampons are used for steeper slopes or glaciers. Ice climbing for more adventure is surprising and as said earlier, unpredictable. That’s why it’s for those who want more adventure!

Ice climbing consists of a climber engaging the front points of the crampons by kicking their legs in the ice. After this they swing the axe in the ice above them. If leading then the climber would place ice screws as protection. Some skill’s from rope climbing that are passed on to those who do ice climbing for more adventure are, leading, lowering, abseiling, tying in, belaying, and knowledge of rope systems.

It may be an adventure but you can still try to be safe. Ice screws are the most common protection. You screw it into a solid part of the ice and it serves as a strong protection. Sharp teeth are around a hollow tube and a hanger eye is located to clip into as well as threading around which make up the ice screw.

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